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Beach photoAt the CVWG July 2017 meeting, we issued a Challenge to our members! We invited everyone to paint something in accordance with a given theme or photographic reference. Then, at next month’s social hour, we shall share the results. This is a purely voluntary activity, but it might motivate those who have a hard time choosing a subject. And it might prove a fun learning opportunity.

The chosen theme is “Summer”. How does summer make you feel? What memories does it evoke? What color palette? You can interpret the theme however you like–landscape, still life, even portrait. If you need a prompt we are attaching a photograph of a beach scene that has plenty of color and action figures.

Linda Bethke will set up a table during the August 28 social hour (12:30-1:00 pm) to showcase the paintings and photograph them for a website gallery. They do not need to be framed. You will be able to ask questions, learn new techniques, and meet fellow artists. If you cannot come to the August meeting, you can send Rosemary Connelly a photo of your “Summer” painting and she’ll include it on the website.

Why not give this a try? Perhaps we can make the Challenge a regular monthly event?  If you have suggestions for a future theme, just let Linda or Rosemary know.

Linda Bethke, LSB525@aol.com
Rosemary Connelly, RDConnelly@embarqmail.com

3 comments on “Challenge!

  1. Sue Rosen
    Jul 26, 2017

    Thank you Rosemary for this wonderful idea!

  2. Marcy Springett
    Jul 26, 2017

    LOVE it! I have been sitting at my computer to look at my photos wondering what to paint…. and your message popped up! Now, I know exactly what to look for. Can’t wait to paint!

  3. Patricia Travers
    Jul 26, 2017

    Great Idea. This should be fun.

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