Central Virginia Watercolor Guild

Combining Camaraderie with Creativity


The Collection

DVDsThe Guild has a terrific collection of instructional video tapes and DVDs available at each monthly meeting.

Members may borrow items from the collection by checking them out. Each borrowed video should be returned the following month.

For more information, contact librarian Adella Langham, (434) 977-4645

Videos acquired in 2016

Jackson, Paul            ILLUSION OF GLASS
Weaver, Pat               WATERCOLOR SIMPLIFIED*
Lawrence, Skip         JELLYBEAN FIGURES    (VHS tape)*
Reid, Charles           FLOWER PAINTING  (VHS tape)*
*donated by Joan Cabell

Videos acquired in 2015

Hugh Greer                    Create Mood and Atmosphere with Color and Value*
Charles Harrington       Acrylic Landscapes the Watercolor Way
Tony van Hasselt          Creative Realism in Watercolor
Jean Haines                 Watercolor Passion
Mark Mehaffey              Paint Dramatic Acrylic Flowers*
Richard Robinson          Master Class Oils and Acrylics*
*donated by Caroll Mallin

Videos acquired in 2014

Brown Carrie Burns    Water Media Collage Workshop
Mehaffey, Mark          Abstract Painting: Water Media on Yupo
Nechis, Barbara          Watercolor from Within: Transparent Layering
Nechis, Barbara          Tools for Transforming Troubled Watercolors
Kloss, William             World’s Greatest Paintings (Donated by Jean Lindsay)


Harrington, Charles    Acrylics the Watercolor Alternative
Mehaffey, Mark          Basic Acrylic Acrylic Painting Tips and Techniques
Quiller Stephen           Acrylic Techniques
Quiller Stephen           Acrylic Painting Getting a Start

Videos acquired in 2013

IKIN, TAYLOR     Dancing with Yupo

KEMP, LINDA     Simplifying Color, Negative Painting Techniques

LLOYD-DAVIES, VIRGINIA     Joyful Brush, Chinese Brush Painting

MACKENZIE, GORDON     Improve your Water Painting Techniques in Watercolor

MEHAFFEY, MARK     Watercolor Painting on Yupo

POLLARD, JULIE G.      Painting the Autumn Landscape

POLLARD, JULIE G.      Painting Cascading Water

QUILLER, STEPHEN     Color Foundation for the Painter: A Complete Guide.
2 DVD set, 13 Chapters, approximately 8 hours.

DVDs acquired in 2012

Edwards, Sterling                                    Brushwork Techniques for Expressive Watercolor

Edwards, Sterling                                    Color Techniques for Expressive Watercolor

Faulknor Joyce and Guy Magallanes     Watercolor flowers: Water Lilies

Fuller, Grant                                             Painting the Sea in Watercolor

Grastorf, Jean                                           Creating Texture in Transparent Watercolor

Grastorf, Jean                                           Pouring Transparent Watercolor

Holman, Karlyn                                        Watercolor—Spirit of Spontaneity

Holman, Karlyn                                        Watercolor without boundaries ( 4 discs-6hours)

James, George                                          Mastering Yupo

Lynch, Tom                                               New England Falls

MacKenzie, Gordon                                 Watercolorist’s Essential Notebook, Landscapes

Mehaffey, Mark                                       Painting a Dramatic Landscape in watercolor

Quiller, Stephen                                      Landscapes in Living Color

Quiller, Stephen                                      Painting Workshop: Atmosphere and Light in

Toogood, James                                       Incredible Light and Texture in watercolor


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