Central Virginia Watercolor Guild

Combining Camaraderie with Creativity

Cavalier Gallery

In 2012 the Cavalier Inn (105 N. Emmet Street, Charlottesville) invited CVWG to exhibit in the hallway off the lobby. Since then we have had quarterly exhibits, showcasing the work of our members.

Tips for artists hanging at the Cavalier Inn

For more information, contact Susan Stover at (434) 985-4995 or susanjanestover@gmail.com.

Shows in 2016

  • January-April
  • April-July
  • July-October  Jane Matthews
  • October 24, 2016-January 23, 2017  Transparent Watercolor Group Show

2016 CVWG Transparent Watercolor Show
Normally, awards are not handed out at this show–it is mainly to showcase the skill and talent of our combined membership–but in honor of our 25th Anniversary, ribbons will be awarded for People’s Choice, Best Landscape, Best Still Life, Best Wildlife, Best Abstract. So, everyone, pull out those paintbrushes and get started!!
The rules are simple:
 Paintings must be watercolor or transparent acrylic inks.
 Paintings need to be matted and framed using Plexiglas.
 All members of CVWG are eligible to enter one painting.
To Register: (Deadline for entries is 14 October 2016)
1. Email the following information to susanjanestover@gmail.com
a. Title of painting
b. Medium—Transparent watercolor
c. Price
d. Artist
e. Phone
2. Email a jpeg of your picture to Susan Stover
3. Deliver your paintings to the Cavalier Inn on Saturday, 22 October 2016 so the show will be ready for viewing and voting at the monthly CVWG meeting on 24 October
4. Please plan to pick up paintings early on January 23rd, the date of the January CVWG meeting
5. If you can’t register on line, please call Susan Stover at 434-985-4995
There is no commission charged for sales and all sales will be managed through the artists. The Cavalier Inn is not responsible for any loss or damage to the paintings.

Shows in 2015

  • January-April
  • April-July  Irene Peery
  • July-October  Sue Stover, Julia Kindred and Matalie Deane
  • October 26-January 28, 2016  Transparent Watercolor Group Show

Shows in 2014

  • January 27 – April 28  Caroll Mallin and Charlotte McDaniel
  • April 28 – July 28   Chee Ricketts
  • July 28 – October 27  Marcy Springett
  • October 27 – January 26, 2015  Transparent Watercolor Group Show

Shows in 2013

  • January 28-April 22     Mack Rowe, “Drama in Nature”
  • April 22-July 22   Matalie Deane and Julia Kindred
  • July 22-October 28    Anne Hopper
  • October 28- January 27, 2014  Transparent Watercolor Show

April 22-July 22, 2013

Cavalier Gallery

January 28-April 22, 2013     Mack Rowe, “Drama in Nature”

Mack Rowe invite

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