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CVWG member Amy Shawley Paquette

Painting Snakes in Watercolor
Saturday May 5
Location: Wildlife Center of Virginia, Waynesboro VA
Time: 12:00-4:30pm
Fee: $68 (with 50% of all profits going straight to the Wildlife Center of Virginia!)

snakequadCome join us for a special painting workshop featuring snakes as our models!  The workshop will begin with a short presentation from Wildlife Center staff on the role of snakes as education animals and the story behind each of our models, then students will work with artist Amy Shawley Paquette to discover the basics of watercolor and spend class time painting two snakes.  We will have several painting sessions with the snakes during class to paint them from life and we will also provide photographs of the snakes to use during the remainder of our painting time.  Our snake models will be revealed closer to the workshop when we know who isn’t shedding!

After a short snack/lunch break, workshop attendees will be given a tour of the wildlife center.  The workshop is open to only to adults 18 and over (no children) with all levels of art experience and all workshop-use materials including paints, pencils, palettes, brushes, and surfaces will be provided!  Please bring a sack lunch/snacks (if desired), a camera if you wish to take photos, and note-taking supplies.  Please wear clothes you don’t mind getting paint on or bring an apron.   Email the instructor if you have any questions: amyshawley@gmail.com.

Registration Info: Please email Amy at amyshawley@gmail.com

Mixed Media Monoprints
Friday May 18
Location: My Studio, Scottsville VA
Time: 11:00am-3:00pm
Fee: $58

image1Description: Come join me for a fun day of printing!  Students will make a series of monoprints on paper using a Gel Press plate then layer and enhance them with dry media, watercolor, acrylic color and mediums!  Discover how fun this process is for making collage elements, backgrounds for paintings, and finished work!

All workshop-use paints, tools, and surfaces will be provided by the instructor.  Students must bring: reference images to inspire you (ie landscapes, florals, animals, etc), paint clothes/apron, a large box or trash bag to lay in your car (in case any surfaces are damp when you leave), and supplies to take notes.

Registration Info: Please email Amy at amyshawley@gmail.com for details!

John Hancock
Watercolor Demonstrations, Workshops & Classes
Starts Tuesday March 27th (8 weeks), McGuffey Art Center, 201 2nd Street NW, Charlottesville, Va, 434-295-7973, http://www.mcguffeyartcenter.com
Starts Saturday April 7th (5 weeks), McGuffey Art Center, 201 2nd Street NW, Charlottesville, Va, 434-295-7973, http://www.mcguffeyartcenter.com 
Meets Wednesdays, 10 am -1pm, Crozet Arts, 1408 Crozet Avenue, Crozet Virginia, 434.964.6770, info@crozetarts.org 
Downtown Lynchburg, 10-1, Saturday, April 28
(part of the LAC 3rd annual Paint-Out) 

CVWG member Peg Sheridan

April 6 in Verona,“Abstract Acrylic Painting”,
April 24 in Waynesboro “Crash Course in Color for Watercolor Painters”,
May 5 in Woodstock “Animal Portraits”,
June 5-7 evenings at Beverley Street Studio School, “Charismatic Animals in Watercolor”,
June 27 in Waynesboro “Fog and Mist in Watercolor”,
June 30 in Verona “Beginning Watercolors: Summer Landscapes”,
July 11-August 18 (Mondays) at Beverley Street Studio School and other locations, “Plein Air Painting in Watercolor”.

See Peg’s website (www.pegsheridan.com) for more information.  Links to all organizations are on her website.

Beverly Street Studio School

BSSS in Staunton offers a wide range of classes and workshops throughout the year. See: www.bssschool.org

In 2018 Peg Sheridan is co-leading a trip to Maine, through Beverley Street Studio School.  The trip, titled “Coastal Maine – Painting Dramatic Landscapes and Sketching Nature’s Details, is Sept. 6-14, 2018.

Steve Fleming 2018 Maine Workshop

September 17-21 and September 24-28

Click ROCKPORT 2018 to download a Word file with the details.

Workshop Feedback

If you’re looking for a workshop to take, it can be helpful to hear about other people’s experiences. Using the form here as a guide, send your reviews to webmaster for publication.

Name of instructor:   Date taken:  Location:  Length:   Cost:
What level: (Beginner, advanced beginner, intermediate, advanced intermediate, etc.)
Did you copy instructor’s work?
Did instructor provide still life or flowers to paint?
Could you do your own subjects?
Other comments:

Anne Abgott   3 day workshop  Cost: $375 (reviewed by Juliette Swenson)

APPROACH: Sent all attendees 3 paintings of hers before workshop to draw before we got there.
LEVEL: Intermediate – drawings fairly complex.
TEACHING METHOD:  Breezy. Instructive and very specific about colors to use.
DEMOS: Showed students a small section at a time to paint and stopped until we had done it.  This slowed faster painters down. It was step-by-step.
BEST: Pushed class to complete 3 paintings in 3 days.
WORST: Large class (24) so not much individual attention. Nothing about composition or subject matter.
OVERALL:  Many teachers imagine you just want to paint in their style so my friend who has a different style did not get a lot out of the workshop. I did feel encouraged by her as I could paint in her style.  Too much time spent on what colors to mix – seemed more like beginners on that front.
STARS:  * * * (out of five)

Barbara Nechis  Abstract watercolor  Cost: $375 3 days (reviewed by Juliette Swenson)

APPROACH: Demos every day showing different ways to paint.  Wet into wet using a bath for paper.
LEVEL: Intermediate – beginners would have a hard time with both wet into and wet and also abstract subject matter.
TEACHING METHOD:  Rather loose – not much specific advice.
My table mate was very unhappy with lack of personal attention so I told the teacher and she made an effort to come by 3 times to encourage her.
BEST: Making us stretch our imaginations to do more abstract compositions
WORST: If I had not taken my own drawing to paint there I would have come home with nothing.
OVERALL: Difficult to do wet into wet if you don’t have some experience.  No help on composition or subject matter (she makes hers up). Did one critique which was helpful.
STARS: * * .5 (2.5 out of 5)

Sue Archer  Cost $400  4 days (Reviewed by Juliette Swenson)

APPROACH:  Basics regarding color, value, shadows – like being in school with charts and examples galore. More “show and tell” of her paintings.
No Demos, no critiques.  Very instructive on subject matter making us take photos of objects in the sun and paint the object and shadows.
BEST: She didn’t mind me doing my own thing
WORST: Large class (25) so hardly any individual attention.
OVERALL: I did feel encouraged by her and came home with 1 small painting.
Stars: * * * (3 out of 5)



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